Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blind Center of Southern Nevada is in need of handcrafted cards

Yesterday I taught a blind young lady how to open a pay pal account. She has written beauty tips for blind women and would like to offer downloads to members of other blind centers all over the USA. She types well and has been using the JAWS program wish reads everything on the screen to her. She is pretty good at finding her way around the computer and seems to be doing well at finding things on the web.

Boy do I take my sight for granted!

While I was there, the director said they have been completely out of birthday cards and thinking of you cards and asked if my friends (YOU) would please make more.
What we do is use the big shot to create the cards because they can feel textures, they can feel when a butterfly or a flower is on the card.
They can feel ribbon and buttons, a few see colors and lights and darks but most do not.
Then once we donate the cards someone puts brail words inside for us.

Are you willing to make cards for the Blind center? If so please send them to me at

Sherrill Graff
Blind Center Cards
605 Kendrick Place
Boulder City NV 89005


(added a couple days later....)

thank you for your willingness to help us out. The Blind center patrons will be thrilled!!!

It's a great excuse to use our big shots and invite others to join in the fun!!!!

Today I'm teaching a after school card making class at the recreation center across town... Usually 15-20 kids show up to help. I'll bring all 4 big shots so they can enjoy cranking the handles. They LOVE using the big shots! We have each child create 2 cards, one they keep, and one they donate to charity. Teaching children to serve others at an early age help us all to see "the world does not just revolve around me"

To read more please go here

It's also a perfect way to use up our old cardstock colors!!!

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PaperFairyKris said...

Hi Sherrill,
I am going to offer a free make and take on World Card Making day and donate one of the cards to your charity. I copied your description for my event. I hope that's okay. I'll mail all of the cards directly to you on Oct. 4th. This is a wonderful idea. I also checked with my local Library for the Blind to see if they have a similar need.