Saturday, September 25, 2010

hand painted papers by sherrill graff and shirley munoz

I challenge you to try this technique and post your photos to the group
Teach your customers how to do this, you will sell a lot of ink refills!

it's great for scrapbooking too!

By: Sherrill Graff and Shirley Munoz
Hand painted Paper
Watercolor Background
Copyright Calico Creations 1999

Iridescent Watercolor Paint Medium or Smooch Spritz vanilla shimmer
Two or three colors of re-inkers
Whisper white Cardstock
A clean large flat container to hold water large enough to lay your paper in
Stipple brushes or Aqua Painters
Small paint mixing container like a cool whip lid
SU packing papers from our boxes to lay wet sheets on,
Viva paper towels to blot excess water (paper towels with NO quilting)
aluminum foil or waxed paper to work over

global_12587377.jpeggather the ingreadents
global_12587378.jpeg wet the cardstock place it on the clear box
global_12587380.jpegmix you ink refills with the smooch spritz
touch your wet stipple brush into the ink refills and dab the wet cardstock until the entire paper is covered
global_12587381.jpeg place handpainted paper on packing paper to dry. Blot any large puddles with a paper towel.

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff
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