Friday, September 3, 2010

One of my followers will win a NICE gift (yes it will be stamping up related)

432 viewers came to this blog today!


it's 12 midnight, and my feedjit feed has stopped binging
My e-mails are all answered... and I'm going to bed

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One of my followers will win a NICE gift (yes it will be stamping up related)
I'll put all followers in a drawing and select a winner soon.


Penny Hanuszak said...

Whew Sherill, get a well deserved rest. Your head must have been ringing with all those emails! This was a really fun event and appreciate you starting it!

Shannon Willis said...

Thank you Sherrill. This is so much fun.

Thanks for sharing with us.

Be Blessed,

Shannon Willis

Handcrafted By Dawn said...

How fun traveling to all those diffferent blogs! Thanks for sharing a great idea to increase everyone's blog traffic. Have a great day


Ilene B. said...

Thanks for sharing, Sherill! Love seeing new ideas!

Katherine said...

blog surfing rules! thx for the game & great to visit new stampin' sites!

Vicki said...

I think it is amazing!!!

Sandi said...

Yes, I am a follower and I also had to leave a comment again to thank you for all you do for the stamping community. Actually, I should say "crafting community," because your posts inspire so many areas of crafting. You are the best, Sandi Dailey,

Kathy Mc said...

Love blog surfing so this is terrific!
bdlakebum at yahoo dot com