Sunday, June 10, 2012

convention 2012 here we come - see you in salt lake city utah

If you wish to enter my June FREE Stamp drawing
please email me at 

Have a blessed day
Sherrill Graff

only 5 weeks before convention, are your swaps ready?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Customer Referral Cards How to earn free products from Sherrill Graff

A special Thanks to everyone serving in the military.
Please be safe and return home soon. 


Sherrill Graff - Customer Referral Cards

This is how I reward my customers for introducing 
me to their best friends

Each time you attend a class or workshop you receive a drawing slip 
like the one pictured here.
Each time you bring a friend each of you are 
entered into my monthly drawing as well. 

I have already given away over $100 in Stampin Up products so far in June. 
You could win next! 

I have one class each week 
so you can be entered up to 4 times each month 
just for taking my classes. 

If your friend becomes a customer 
by ordering just ONE item at their 
first class 
YOU get your card punched.

Fill up the card and get your choice of one
 FREE stamp set 
from our current catalog. 
(up to a $30 value) 

Please redeem your customer referral card by the end of the catalog year.
A new catalog starts a new catalog year.
Cards don't transfer from year to year.  Sorry

If you want your own workshop with you and 8-10 friends 
call me. I'll come over your place and bring a fast and 
fun card projects that you and your friends can make. 

When your friends order products YOU earn free Hostess merchandise.