Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why Blog by Sherrill Graff a Stampin Up Demonstrator

Why Blog?

You are putting a human face to your Stampin Up Demonstrator business. By blogging you are sharing part of YOU in every post. 
It would take you 5 or more tweets to say what you can in a single blog post. 
You can also show multiple images or photos in each post instead of just one image at a time like Facebook.

By blogging you put your talent and knowledge on display.

Your blog will help you Build Trust
Make sure you have a photo of YOU on your home page
include your first and last name and the town or state you live in. 
Provide links to trustworthy sources that also promote paper crafting or other things your readers enjoy.
Good Quality photos of your art and PLENTY of them. Many people like to look at photos FIRST then decide if it's worth it to invest time in reading. 

Post once a week or more
accumulating posts on your site over time is like a snowball growing in size as it rolls down the hill.

Think of your blog as your Dining Room or Kitchen Table
Send all our other social traffic to your blog.
Think of facebook and twitter as tasting tables like the ones they have at COSTCO.
You get a little nibble.
Your blog should help your friends "sit down and stay a while". 

What do you do over your Dining Room or Kitchen Table? 
You play board games or cards
You eat
You visit and share ideas
You STAMP and Scrapbook

Your goal is to make your blog so much like HOME that visitors will 
want to give you their e-mail addresses in exchange for updates from you!

How many subscribers do you have right now?
How many viewers did you get this week?
What can you do to encourage more of your viewers to subscribe?

May you continue to be blessed with the opprotunity to share what you love,
Sherrill Graff 702-293-1386

Artist Spotlight - Amanda Turner fellow Stampin Up demonstrator

Amada says: "I am a spunky young Mama of two spunky young boys.   
My favourite place to be is my idea studio playing with my Stampin' Up goodies :)

When I'm not there you can find me camping in the back country or at the hockey arena, depending  on the season, of course ;)"

I love her color choices as well as the program she is using.

MDS 2 Free Trial
MDS 2 Free Trial130910
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With the FREE 30-day trial, you’ll get:
* Full access to the software at NO COST for 30 days
* Full access to design tools to create cards, photobooks, calendars, and more
* Full access to a sample of exclusive artwork from MDS 2+
* The chance to buy additional downloads that you can keep after your trial expires
* Ability to order your projects from our professional print services

To use the software more than 30 days, buyMDS 2 (software only)or MDS 2+ (software plus $500 in content).

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Late Night Stamper Treasure Hunt find all 50 clues to enter the drawing

Late Night Stamper Treasure Hunt 
find all 50 clues 
to enter the drawing 
more details HERE

 2.  Deborah Smart –

 4.  June Reister -

 5.  Jeannie Bushman -
 6.  Miriam Permut -

 7.  Lori Witt –
 8.  Trish Cortez –
 9.  Beverly Farmer -
10.  Dawn Johnson –

11.  Laurie Reaume -
17.  Siara Acdal -
19.  Nancy Amato -

20.  Diana Soling -

21.  Kimberly Morris -

23.  Janice Edmonds -
24.  Carolyn Garland -
25.  Tina Munzke -
27.  Wendy Cranford -

28.   Joni Metras - 
29.   Virginia Megin Gallagher -
31.   Mary Campbell -
32.   Denise Foor - 

33.   Doris Fryman -
34.   Tanya Bell -
35.   Elaine Wright -
36.   Kimberly Salmonowicz -
37.   Raissa Spatola -

40.   Anne Marie Hile -

41.   Cynthia Millan -
42.   Jenny Wren -
44.   Katherine Roberts -

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