Sunday, August 11, 2013

brayer how to techniques

A brayer is a roller with which ones spreads ink during the print making process. 
It is similar to a paint roller but has a smooth surface and is smaller in diameter.

you can roll ink through a stencil

To see more brayer art click on the link above

plastic or paper stencils work great
you can even brayer over lace

You can mask the bottom part of your white
cardstock before you add
the blue ink to create snow and ski
once the mask is removed

Post it notes work really well for making masks 
since they stay in place
until you remove them

you can add things on the barrel of your roller
like string, rubber bands, or packing bubbles!

You can have white embossed images 
on your cardstock before adding the ink
to give you a embossed resist result

You can eve add ink to your embossing folders 
for the big shot
then your paper will have ink in 
the indents for a fun effect 

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