Saturday, September 21, 2013

How do you know when new viewers have been to your blog?

When you have a Stampin Up business like I do
and you use your website to share samples
of your products and ideas
you need a good way to track your progress

I started tracking using bravenet which is free a month ago 
when our 
Late Night Stamper group 
started our
 Treasure Hunt Blog Hop

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Page View - A page view is tracked every time there is a hit to the page.
Unique Visitor - A unique visitor is a visitor that has not visited your website today based on their IP address.
First-time Visitor - A first-time visitor is a visitor that has never visited your website.
Returning Visitor - A visitor that has previously visited your website.

Our Treasure Hunt Blog Hop has been very successful so far not only are more people coming to view our blogs and collect our clues
More NEW VIEWERS are finding our blogs on our 

During the treasure hunt friends, customers and potential customers go to each participating blog and collect clues. Each clue is a product from our catalog.

My clue is a brayer
I have owned a brayer for 18 years now and once in a while I get it out and use it to make my card backgrounds.

This is what my brayer looks like

I use it to add ink directly onto my cardstock 

It can also be used to make snow and sky

A brayer is a very useful too for stamping 
just like a bravenet counter is a useful tool
to see how your blog is helping you grow your business.

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