Sunday, August 2, 2015

reading scriptures and missionaries both make a positive difference in our lives

Look who came in for a hair cut 

Joseph T just returned from serving a 2 year mission
for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

She just returned from serving here in 
Boulder City Nevada for 18 months

before she left she let me put Highlights  in her beautiful hair

I know when I read scriptures daily my life is better, and when I am reading on a regular basis I can more easily overcome problems that life brings my way.
I know when I read daily I am more loving and kind. 
I feel more inspiration and have more joy!

Both these sisters came to visit me 
when I was in Blis Salon
I have since moved to 1400 Colorado Street Unit A 
Still here in Boulder City

Below are 3 other sisters I we had the pleasure to serve with

Maya is my cousin who got baptized this past year.

This is just a small part of our family
Ken, Sherrill, Mark, and Tiffany 

and here is Ken who is serving in
Denver Colorado North Mission
he left in April 2014 
so he will be back in April of 2016

I know missionaries make a difference

my 2 sisters and one brother and Father
were all taught by Missionaries

then when my younger brothers and sister were born
they got baptized when they were 8. 

It's been a great year
I wonder what other great things God has in store for us